Tim Parham (pictured) averaged 10.7 ppg and 7.7 rpg as a Hawk
Tim Parham (pictured) averaged 10.7 ppg and 7.7 rpg as a Hawk

Jan. 30, 2014

PRINCESS ANNE, Md. –The University of Maryland Eastern Shore men’s basketball program has seen its fair share of great players throughout the years, but no one may have made as big of a splash globally than former power forward, Tim Parham. Although he has never played in the NBA, he has had the ability to entertain millions across the world.

He has done all of this doing the thing he loves the most.

Playing basketball.

The 6’9 forward has seen his fair share of time abroad over the past decade. He has accumulated eight years of professional basketball experience and is currently playing with the Halifax Rainmen of the Canadian Professional Basketball League. In his professional career, he has had played in 14 countries with stops in Poland, Germany, Venezuela, Mexico, Japan, Dominican Republic, Chile, Taiwan, Turkey, Bolivia, United Arab Emirates and Peru. Parham has two separate tenures in four of the aforementioned countries.

His basketball career has also helped him secure a spot as an action simulator with EA Sports in its NBA 2k series. The avid video gamer began working with the 2k series in some of its college basketball versions while he was still at UMES, but he took a more active role in 2011. That year he was selected to be a motion-capture model for NBA2K11. The piece sold 5.5 million copies worldwide.

“Being able to do the moves for your favorite video game is a blessing,” said Parham. “I was playing basketball in Japan and was contacted by a 2k sports rep saying they remembered me from their college basketball video game. They looked up some of my YouTube videos and were impressed. So, they asked me to do the motion capture.”

Parham declined the offer at first, but a broken wrist two weeks later gave him a new thought process towards the idea.

“I came back to Chicago and told them what happened,” said Parham. “I asked if they still needed my services. Luckily, they told me they could work around it, so they flew me to Oakland a couple of days later. It was a big man shoot. The other participants didn’t show up or were injured so I did eight hours for two days by myself.  I took on the challenge and did a great job, so good they gave me my own signature package.”

He has helped create shot, layup and dunk simulation for 2k Sports. His job has included putting on motion sensors and doing basketball movements. The movements are then edited and put into the game and onto the screen. TP actually has his own free throw, dunk and jump shot package that players can choose to play with.

“That’s one of my hobbies that turned into something global,” said Parham. “If you scroll through when you’re editing or creating a player and you keep scrolling through LeBron and Kobe and Dwyane Wade and everybody, you see TP on there. That’s me.”

As a Hawk, Parham played three seasons with UMES from 2003-2006. He originally played at Ellworth Community College but decided to come to Princess Anne after his freshman year.  He averaged a double-double as senior and was named to the All-MEAC Second Team. The forward led the MEAC in rebounds-per-game and had a MEAC-best nine double-doubles as a junior. In his three years, he averaged 10.7 ppg and 7.7 ppg.

Following UMES, he was drafted by the Bakersfield Jam in the fifth-round (No. 59) of the NBA D-League in 2006. The stint was short, but gave him the ability to move his basketball career overseas. The extensive resume has given Parham whole a new perspective, one that he has used to make a difference in the US and across the globe.

“It has been a journey,” said Parham. “But it is such a great feeling to get off a 14 hour flight and get to a new country, ready to impose my will. My favorite part was playing in Dubai or Istanbul, both of which have great basketball and are very beautiful.”

Perhaps the greatest part about Parham’s story is his ability to never forget his roots.

“UMES shaped my professional career tremendously,” said Parham. “They gave me the opportunity to showcase my talents at the highest level of college basketball. They believed in me the entire time. This is my eighth year playing professionally and I owe a lot of that to UMES. They challenged me every day.”

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