Coach Fred Batchelor Drawing a Plan for Success

Coach Fred Batchelor Drawing a Plan for Success

March 22, 2012

by Martha Perez

Hopefully the last article sparked the attention of many people in Hawk Nation, and you have taken the first step in creating your Career Athletes account. If you have not, don't waste another minute! Log on to www.careerathletes.com/UniversityofMarylandEasternShore right now and join all your fellow Hawks! My goal as an intern is to have 100 new members by the end of April, and I need your help to get there.

For those of you who have already taken the first step and are beginning to network and take advantage of all the services Career Athletes has to offer, I have a great tip for you. Never underestimate the power of having a complete, or full profile. A full profile includes a complete biography, detailed description of activities and societies, an uploaded resume, and a professional picture. The time it takes to do this is well worth it, as having a full profile in Career Athletes average 90% more connections than those without a full profile. This greatly increases the chances of job opportunities!

There is more amazing news, considering the large amount of great companies that Career Athletes has working with them. Some of these partnerships include Amazon, Adidas, PepsiCo, Dick's Sporting Goods, State Farm Insurance, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and Northwestern Mutual Insurance, just to name a few.

You can visit my full profile at www.careerathletes.com/MarthaPerez and don't forget to get your own Career Athletes profile at www.careerathletes.com/UniversityofMarylandEasternShore.

Hawk Pride!