UMES moved into a tie for first place with a win over FDU.

UMES moved into a tie for first place with a win over FDU.

April 14, 2011

TAYLOR, Mich. - Despite six open frames the Lady Hawks pushed through and overcame the breaking down oil to shoot a 995, topping the nation's No.1 team, Fairleigh Dickinson University by 50 pins as the Knights shot a 945. Martha Perez shot a clean game, marking in every frame to pace the Hawk attack with a 233.

While the oil pattern is starting to break down, UMES seemed to have a better hand on the adjustments, beating FDU in three of the five positions to secure the win. Perez through five straight strikes in the fifth through ninth frame and topped her pairing by 57 pins. Kristina Frahm was still great, rolling a 204 but leaving her first open of the tournament with a seven split in the second frame. She would post a 23 pin advantage.

Paula Vilas was just shy of a 200 game with a 193, topping her lead-off counterpart by 24 pins. She tallied four strikes but left an open on a split seven in the sixth. T'Nia Falbo rolled a 186 with just one open and four strikes while Maria Rodriguez posted just a 179, 34 pins down at the anchor position.

FDU left three opens in the eighth frame to secure the victory for UMES.

Regardless, the Hawks overcame the Knights to move into a tie for first place. With the win over FDU they will have a tiebreaker over them for tomorrow's seeding.

The Hawks take on Nebraska in the final match of the morning and then break for lunch before playing the final three afternoon matches.